Administrative Assistant

Whether it's reminding me not to forget to eat, take a day off, or the always needed encouragement to keep pursue my dreams... this girl has become an asset to the business. Always eager to help and lighten the load, I am free to focus on the creative assets of the business... my favorite!

She also happens to be my soon to be sister-in-law!! She brings happiness to our family! Little did she know that after this photo was taken, my brother did a surprise proposal! Grab the tissues and check it out HERE!

This Brooklyn girl came to WNY in 2014 and when she's not busting it working with one of Buffalo's CEO's she's being a fur mom to Gracie! So if you get an email or documents signed by this beautiful lady, she is the lovely face behind it!

Alecia, thank you for the kick on the behind when I need it and the best work ethic a small business owner could ask for!



Second Shooter

My right hand on a busy day and the "other Lydia" to my couples. However, She is a pianist by trade and education. Having her piano studio offers a place where she pours her passion for music into her students. When she's not helping me, she's attending workshops in her field, figure skating, making jewelry, and sometimes my travel/adventure partner. Be sure to say hello on her artistic Instagram board HERE!

She is there for every couple in a way that I completely trust. She will take the best possible care of you on your wedding day. She is there for you just as much as she is my second shooter. While I am focused on every detail of the timeline, your families, and getting all the must have photos Sarah is watching for the unscripted moments and photos that we sometimes need to sneak in between. 

And just to clarify... no we are not twins. A question we are asked at least once a week!

So thank you dearest sister. Your time is valuable and the times you can help, we appreciate it!

** If Sarah is unavailable for your wedding day, a professional equally as qualified as myself will confidently cover as a second photographer.