Hi there! Lydia here! I’m a storyteller and visionary. Hungry for the compelling love story behind the inside jokes and hands tightly wound around each other. For the past 10 years I’ve countlessly renewed my commitment to the genuine and beautifully open minded couples I’ve had the honor of working with.

Near and far, every year my dream as a photographer grows bigger as I witness and share the beauty that takes place when vows are said for the first time or wilderness lovers explore the outdoors in search of intimate connection. So that’s why…

You’re getting a photographer, tour guide, and squealing adventure partner all rolled into one!

I’m your moral support and timekeeper on wedding days and your snack queen and guide to the outdoors while we adventure together. I am crazy committed to providing you with an intimate and unforgettable experience because that’s how we celebrate in the family!

So let’s talk venues, locations, and summits!