Lydia Maybee
Lydia Maybee


When all the laughs have been shared, all the arms wrapped around you both in promise of a loving future, and the dress has been hung back up… you turn to look at one another and say, “Is it over already?”

This has been the most common post wedding comment from all the amazing and beautiful women I have had the pleasure of photographing on their special day. Yes, the day will be relived over and over again through photos and filming. But what it most important is the fact that this celebration is the beginning! So it is most important to me that even before we dive into all the beautiful details of your day, I want to get to know you.

I love asking questions.

You story is tailor made to you. Just you. So let’s talk about your vision and what the focus of your day is all about. When we both connect to that story, great images follow.

So brew the tea, pull up the blanket, and let's find out how this process works!

the process

After 6 years and 120+ weddings, you live and learn... A LOT! So a staple motto has become... whatever decreases your stress decreases my stress and provides the best possible environment for beautiful images of your day. So it's an investment of time and openness in our relationship to be sure all the decisions are made before the day so you have all the time you could need to enjoy celebrating with your closest friends and family!

How do we ensure that quality of care?

The consultation

Let's get together! Hearing what makes you tick as a person and couple is vital to knowing what brings you joy! Finding the right team of vendors to help execute a successful day is important from the beginning. I can help with that! I also ask a lot of questions. I don't assume to know what moments are most important to you. There is no fixed formula to every couple that secures a memorable experience. Our initial meeting is essential to finding out what you value most. Once all that is shared then we can customize a day that is tailored to a successful gallery of images. Building that trust in our relationship from the very beginning is a must-have goal for us! 

The signature

A signed contract and retainer is necessary to secure your date. The wedding is booked in my calendar and now the creative fun begins!  I am here for the support you need, whether it’s helping finalize the visual details for the day or what type of locations are best to share your story… I’m here to help!

The Engagement Session

If getting together before the wedding includes an engagement session then we’re in for a treat! A visually interesting wall you walk by every day with the dog, your favorite place to go hiking, or jumping in the car for an overnight adventure is always a great idea! This time spent together is a great way to get to know each other better and familiarize what it’s like to be in front of the camera. The images we get along the way are bonus!

Customized Timeline Review

Making the most efficient use of our time together on your wedding day requires prep work! To ensure we don’t miss any details or photos, we will customize a timeline that works for everyone! By the end of our conversation you will know what to share with your hair/makeup team, florist, transportation, wedding party, etc. The goal is to do all the groundwork together so on the day of… your only focus is enjoying your celebration. If you're a planner like me, then a year is not too soon to settle these details! Although, allowing 6 weeks before the wedding gives us the appropriate time to make any adjustments necessary for the team of vendors. 

The Wedding Day

All the planning goes quiet and the day begins. The decisions have been made and now the only focus you have is to make the most of this joyful day! Having trust in those of us you’ve chosen to be a part of your day allows us to do what we do best… take care of you!

Day After

Over the last couple years I have discovered a passion with my couples. When all the linens have been folded and the decorations put away… the story telling doesn’t stop there! One of my favorite sessions of all time is the Day After. Sometime in the 30 days following your big day we will walk, fly, or drive to a location that is truly intimate to you both. A place we could never make it on the timeline or wouldn’t want to take the dress until after the formal day. No more stress. Just fun. This is where adventure can find its’ place!  I could go on about the stories, so ask me more about it!