Business Coaching and Mentorship

I wiped away the tear from a job that didn't feed me and hung up the phone. The seed was planted. What would it be like to be my own boss? To be crazy passionate about the work coming from my hands? That was followed by the thought knowing... I wasn't going to do it alone. I needed mentorship. I took creatives and business owners out to more coffee than you can shake a stick at, and I don't drink coffee (chai is my delicious drug of choice!). I hired business owners who had results in their business I wanted for myself and soaked it all up like a sponge. Whether business sense or refreshing your creativity is the goal, we will collaborate and focus on your needs! So let's get the conversation started!

INTRO: $250

This 2 hour session takes place in person or over the phone and covers basic information regarding starting a business, how to plan to refresh your brand for the next 6 months, or another topic of your choice. 


A much more in depth session in person or over the phone (Facetime is great too!). We will cover 3 topics of your choice (i.e. pricing, website review, portfolio critique, intro to your ideal client, brand review... to name a few). I will provide helpful tips on how to create a more cohesive brand to reach business goals. Lunch is included.


This 2 day workshop is packed with a customized session that is tailor made to your business. Following an extensive questionnaire we will formulate a vision for your business and a system that includes an ideal client list, marketing, pricing plan, website revision, brand decisions, and sustainable business goals for the next year. We will spend any time necessary to answer questions specific to your business. On the second day we will do a mini headshot photo shoot to update your About Me section! Lunch included both days.