Nick + Jill | Iceland Adventure Session

Where to begin? A lot of tea, emails, sharing photos, planning, and booking brought our ideas together for what we wanted to experience for an adventure session. As we sat in a quaint little restaurant in Reykjavik eating pizza and pasta, we couldn't believe it was actually happening! I had been exploring the past week with my go to designer and amazing friend Christina from The Buffalo Collective and these two were fresh off the plane. Lots of laughs over my birthday candlelight dinner. I couldn't have imagined the fun we were about to have. 

Having photographed the wedding of Nick and Jill 3.5 years ago, I knew we were a perfect fit. They are kind, generous, adventurous, and looking to have some genuine fun. So when I asked them to climb that ledge or go into that ravine, I knew they trusted me. After 7 years of being a wedding photographer, I still get so excited to watch creative ideas come to life. The rugged terrain of Iceland has become a home away from home for me. The people, food, and landscape has romanced me in the last few years. Bringing fresh eyes to share one of my favorite places on the planet for photos was a check off my creative bucket list. Nick and Jill, thank you for inviting me in and being just as excited about every click as I was. This was a dream come true!