A year off from travel…

I thought it’d be harder. I thought I’d get cabin fever. But I didn’t. Not even close. Don’t get me wrong. I had my FOMO moments where I was convinced my skin was the only thing keeping me together and in the space I was in. But it was necessary for the season I knew I was going into.

Losing mom (my most dear and cherished friend) ripped my heart out and left me empty, pleading, searching for something to hold on to. I still hear her laugh, I see her smile, I feel the texture of her hands, and I dream about her hugs. To know her was to be changed. She gave your heart a bear hug and filled your belly with soul food. Her prayers will continue to cover my life until my last breath. But I needed to radically redefine what home was for me.

Giving myself a year to not know, to question, and wait for answers was the best decision. I started a new business that has tested the limits of my beliefs as an entrepreneur. I invested several months of the year to the most intensive mentoring I’ve ever received. So basically, I’ve been very uncomfortable since last May searching for Truth. But how sweet it is when it’s wholly and completely yours. In some ways I’ve taken big steps towards achieving my goals and in many others… this is just the beginning.

To celebrate the start of 2019, Seester and I decided to plant our feet on solid ground in Spain for a couple weeks. The people, the food, the dancing, the architecture, and oh the music! These are just a precious few frames to document a new beginning…

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