A year off from travel…

I thought it’d be harder. I thought I’d get cabin fever. But I didn’t. Not even close. Don’t get me wrong. I had my FOMO moments where I was convinced my skin was the only thing keeping me together and in the space I was in. But it was necessary for the season I knew I was going into.

Losing mom (my most dear and cherished friend) ripped my heart out and left me empty, pleading, searching for something to hold on to. I still hear her laugh, I see her smile, I feel the texture of her hands, and I dream about her hugs. To know her was to be changed. She gave your heart a bear hug and filled your belly with soul food. Her prayers will continue to cover my life until my last breath. But I needed to radically redefine what home was for me.

Giving myself a year to not know, to question, and wait for answers was the best decision. I started a new business that has tested the limits of my beliefs as an entrepreneur. I invested several months of the year to the most intensive mentoring I’ve ever received. So basically, I’ve been very uncomfortable since last May searching for Truth. But how sweet it is when it’s wholly and completely yours. In some ways I’ve taken big steps towards achieving my goals and in many others… this is just the beginning.

To celebrate the start of 2019, Seester and I decided to plant our feet on solid ground in Spain for a couple weeks. The people, the food, the dancing, the architecture, and oh the music! These are just a precious few frames to document a new beginning…


My home away from home for creativity. Iceland has become the hot spot. The oversized tour buses have arrived. Being the eternal optimist I am… We search for the silver lining. Tourists pushed us further to the outskirts, the hidden dirt roads, and the trails that wove over the mountains only guided by a stick sticking out of the ground. Creative BLISS! So me and my best creative pal, Christina, packed up the gear and ventured into the chilly landscape that has my heart. Being invited to come here and shoot one of my favorite couples on the planet was a gift. Check out their images HERE. These frames are the moments in between.

Nick + Jill | Iceland Adventure Session

Where to begin? A lot of tea, emails, sharing photos, planning, and booking brought our ideas together for what we wanted to experience for an adventure session. As we sat in a quaint little restaurant in Reykjavik eating pizza and pasta, we couldn't believe it was actually happening! I had been exploring the past week with my go to designer and amazing friend Christina from The Buffalo Collective and these two were fresh off the plane. Lots of laughs over my birthday candlelight dinner. I couldn't have imagined the fun we were about to have. 

Having photographed the wedding of Nick and Jill 3.5 years ago, I knew we were a perfect fit. They are kind, generous, adventurous, and looking to have some genuine fun. So when I asked them to climb that ledge or go into that ravine, I knew they trusted me. After 7 years of being a wedding photographer, I still get so excited to watch creative ideas come to life. The rugged terrain of Iceland has become a home away from home for me. The people, food, and landscape has romanced me in the last few years. Bringing fresh eyes to share one of my favorite places on the planet for photos was a check off my creative bucket list. Nick and Jill, thank you for inviting me in and being just as excited about every click as I was. This was a dream come true!

Dan + Jenna

An afternoon campground wedding in New York? Yes please!

Dan and Jenna have two of the biggest hearts. And if you weren't sure about that then the speeches shared by their loved ones during dinner would make it known. Smiles and tears accompanied the intimate parts of their wedding day. These are a few of their moments...

The Original Strand | Branding Session

This woman has overcome fears and her own personal mountains to stand where she is. So many conversations over the years. Working through challenges, constructing dreams, and building a network of people to help her achieve her wildest.

I couldn't be prouder to play a part in her journey. Documenting this thoughtful and well curated studio space for Sarah's business was a morning of laughs and wardrobe changes. In which, somewhere in the middle of it all, I shed a tear of joy for her dream come true. A wide open space to collaborate with musicians and an inviting room where she helps her students find their own love of music and understand the language that comes with it.

So congratulations big Sis! Investing in your business with all your heart is only going to lead you to incredible places. I can't wait to see where this takes you! xo


Elopement Giveaway

We're about to dive into the 7th season of the business! I couldn't have believed that something I was so passionate about could have brought me this far. I definitely haven't done it alone. I am the product of countless creatives, entrepreneurs, and the most incredible support team. Over the years I've spent a lot of time outside the comfort zone and broadening the horizons is a must as I celebrate a new year!

So help me celebrate as we round up a couple that is venturing outside the norm of the typical wedding day! I am looking for collaborate with a couple to share their story for an intimate elopement ANYWHERE in the US! Travel has been an intense passion since I was 13 years old and Dad packed us up in the Dodge Mark III van and took me in the mountains of Colorado. This past year took me to some really wonderful places like Yosemite Nation Park, Iceland, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone Nation Park, and Maui to name a few. So if adventure and celebrating with a few of your closest loved ones is part of your elopement, then let's chat!


Send an email to with the subject line GIVEAWAY and be sure to include the following info:

Full names of couple

Ceremony/Reception location

Estimated number of guests

Wedding party number (including couple)

Tell me something unique to you both!

Paint me a picture of your intimate elopement (inc. Pinterest link if applicable!)

Include a photograph of you two! (This will be used for social media announcements)


Be adventurous and genuine!

Elopement must have a 2016 date! (based on my availability)

A consultation to hear all the lovely details is a must! Ensuring the right fit for us both is essential to having the best experience.

Travel costs NOT included and retainer fee required if flight/hotel/car is necessary (If you have any specific thoughts let's chat!)

Signed Contract from winning couple


I'm leaving this open ended until October 2016. I have specific goals for the wonderful couples I'm excited to work with and want to be sure the window of opportunity is open enough to accommodate my own business travels this year!

I am so excited to see where this next season takes me! I'm looking for couples who are excited to share their story and have a genuine focus on what's most important. Having a trusting and honest relationship with my couples is my primary focus so let's start the conversation! I can't wait to hear from you and thank you for coming by the new website!

NEXT.... be sure to say hello on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK!





New Year New Look!

I'm so excited to introduce a new look! 2015 was an incredible year filled with adventure and growth. Business has taken me places I never would've taken myself and brought me to people who have become a part of making my heart whole. Thank you clients. friends, and family for being a part of my own story. New adventures are planned for this year and I can't wait to share many more stories of the awesome couples I get to spend part of my year with! So cheers to a New Year and a new look! *glasses clinking*

Photo: 2015 Yosemite National Park