Lydia Maybee
Lydia Maybee

Where did my adventure begin?

Put on the tea...

I’m a storyteller and visionary. Hungry for the compelling story behind the bowed head in the coffee shop, the hands stained with ink, or the arms wrapped tightly around one another. There is a visual story to be told. I love the designing, talking together, and the sharing of these stories.

In 2010, I committed to a dream of saying hello, going outside my box, and finding the heart inside. I have not looked back. After 14 years in dentistry and oral surgery, I hung up my mask and I’m still chasing a fresh perspective about this wonderful gift called Life. The journey has brought me to one of the most meaningful and purpose driven decisions we can make in life… loving each other.

I’m a hugger and since documenting these incredible celebrations, I hug twice as many people! I melt over the possibility of gathering with new people and seeing the intimate places your heart takes you. So say hello… you’re invited to the table!

I am not alone on this adventure, so MEET THE TEAM and then...

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